Miller’s Valley


This summer has been a pull between reading what I want, and reading what my professors require. That being said, I was halfway through with The Alice Network, when my husband and I went to visit family and I had to write a paper during the trip, so I did the unthinkable and left my book at home so I wouldn’t be tempted to forgo school work in order to read my book. That was my mistake. Because I finished that paper before the 5 hour plane ride home and so I did what I absolutely hate to do; I bought a book and read it while in the middle of another. I seriously cannot stand to do that. I am a “one book at a time” type of girl. Now I may buy other books and read them after completion of my book (why I literally have over 60 books on my shelf waiting to be read, but hey, who’s counting?), but this was different.

Miller’s Valley was an interesting read- covering the late adolescence of Mimi Miller, we learn about the town of Miller’s Valley and the close-knit community of people residing in the area. Focusing primarily on the life of Mimi and the people who come in and out of it, Miller’s Valley is a coming of age story that touches deeply on first loves and chasing your dreams. Readers will find themselves soaking in the nostalgia of their childhood homes and friends who are no longer there. The reality that discovering your dreams may take you away from the ones who care the most and coming to terms with this, hits hard in Mimi’s life; this is a story of leaving in order to better oneself, and possibly those around you. A story where someone you thought was your friend, changes their beliefs at the drop of a hat and leaves you to pick up the pieces.

Additionally there is an underlying issue of government wanting to take the town of Miller’s Valley for their own economic gains, and the fight the town puts up in order to keep their homes. A small town with a big heart, living on dreams of the past is something worth discovering in this book of growth and nostalgia.


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