The Young Wives Club

theyoungwivesclubBeing that I am a transplanted southerner, I suppose it makes sense that I love books based in the south. There is something about a story that is able to take me back home where I can picture the town where I grew up, and the surrounding ones that fill me with heartache and nostalgia. Books like The Help, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Georgia Bottoms are among some of my favorites. I honestly cannot resist southern fiction. Matter of fact, I think it deserves its own section in Barnes and Noble. While browsing, I’ve been known to search for titles that I know have to be based in the south. Perhaps it’s because I live in California where there isn’t much of a southern influence (if any), or perhaps because it’s where I grew up and therefore what I know; whatever the reason may be, southern fiction holds a place in my heart that no matter what folks say, I will always read.

The Young Wives Club, by Julie Pennell, is a book with a bit of a double-edged sword. Yes it’s about southern women who have married young, which I know is cliche’, but it’s also about their triumph. Recounting four young women and their search for love and purpose in life. The Young Wives Club, shares the nitty-gritty about what happens when folks marry young, whatever the reason, and the good and bad that can stem from there. Told in modern day and, alternating between narrators these “young wives” are anything but damsels in distress.

Chronicling the lives of Laura who has dropped out of high school to follow her new husband to LSU and hopefully the NFL, Madison whose bad boy, Cash, won’t commit, Claire who faces problems with infidelity, and Gabby who wants to keep her past out of the equation, these women are coming to terms with their lot in life and cheering for one another the whole way.

The adversities these young women face are not the stories you’ll be expecting. This is no “girl got knocked up at 16” story that will leave you shaking your head. Rather this is a story of four situations vastly different from one another, tied together by friendship.

If you’re a fan of characters with deep rooted secrets, scenerios that leave you wondering what you would do, and books you can’t put down perhaps you should give this one a try!


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