In the Unlikely Event


It’s been almost 20 years since Judy Blume has charmed readers with a book, and this one did not disappoint! She wrote a book called, It’s Not The End of the World, which was written by Blume in 1972 that shares a few parallels within this new book. Both deal with divorce and children who do not want their parents to divorce among other things.

In the Unlikely Event, takes place in New Jersey in 1951. The story’s main protagonist is Miri Ammerman, who has been raised by her single mother, Rusty, in addition to sharing living space with her grandmother and uncle (whom Miri adores). Miri is a 15 year old girl who writes for the school paper, spends as much time as possible with her best friend Natalie and has possibly found her first love.
But things quickly start diminishing when the town of Elizabeth, New Jersey is hit with disaster…. and another and another. Miri and her mother are there to witness the first disaster and from there Miri feels like her own world is imploding.

Told primarily by Miri, this story explores how people face tragedy and live to see another day. In between Miri’s point of view, there are snippets from other characters within the book- all of whom relate in one way or another to the Ammerman’s, and the disasters. By doing this, Blume is able to explore several hot topics, including grown children’s relationships, different nationalities, and religions.

Helping readers to view all sides of a story, rather than the typical one-sided view, Blume is able to bring out the best and worst in characters, highlighting their goodness and their flaws. Blume has not lost her touch since her last novel which came out in 1998, fans of her’s will flock to this book like so many of her others 🙂


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