The Husband’s Secret

And just like that, an entire month has flown by and I haven’t posted anything! Whoops. That’s what travel and Christmas do I suppose. All right, let’s jump right in, I have just finished (literally, just now) another Liane Moriarty book, and AGAIN I was not able to put it down.


I think Moriarty may be my new favorite author. She says in her acknowledgements that at one time she only had a handful of readers in the U.S.– let’s hope that this is changing for the better, because each time I pick up one of her books I cannot stop reading. She has this formula for knowing her characters strengths and weaknesses and uses this as a way to suck in readers leaving them shocked and breathless. Each of her books, has a storyline that leads you to ask yourself hard questions, in “What Alice Forgot,” it was what would you change about your life if you went back 10 years?,” in “Big Little Lies,” it was a question of the lies we tell ourselves to get through our day, and now with “The Husband’s Secret,” we have to ask ourselves “What is my breaking point?,” and “To what lengths will I go in order to keep my life the way I like it?”

Three women, Rachel, Cecilia and Tess have things in common they could never have thought possible. A murder, looming divorce and loneliness all twist together in this spellbinding tale of things unseen being brought to light. And just what will they do now that such travesties are exposed?  A story that tells of pain and sadness, the newness of a lover, and a feeling of contempt towards another human being. These women are all hit in the face, so to speak, of facts within their lives they never knew, and this book tells of their undoing and of their rebuilding.

Moriarty is talented in taking ordinary people and relating them to her audience in a way that makes the story linger for days, months, even years after reading. So many times you have a book on your shelf and you may remember a vague detail and probably remember liking it, but with a Moriarty book you can pick it off your shelf and give a full synopsis to a friend without even glancing at the back cover. Her books are unforgettable, and I cannot recommend them enough.


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