Sarah’s Key


Are you the type of person who does something when they’re good and ready? Do you have to be asked several times before you’ll complete a task? Or how about, even though you know someone has your best interest at heart, it’s hard to take their suggestion…. Well it’s absolutely the type of person I am. Really. And my mother in law gave me this book last Christmas to read (she’s a big reader like me, and we like the same books mostly), and it has taken me all the way through November to read it. And you know what? I should have read it when she first gave it to me. It’s that good.

I was warned by a few people on the sadness of it, especially with the Holocaust being the prime focus, I mean, I couldn’t finish Schindler’s List, and I won’t watch The Book Thief-though I did finish that book. It’s a tough pill to swallow. But I am a big believer on history repeating itself if we don’t learn from it, so I gave the book a chance. And it broke my heart.

Sarah’s Key is the devastating story of a young girl who tries to protect her little brother the night of July 16, 1942 when the Parisian police force, went into several neighborhoods and arrested Jewish families, just for being Jewish. Unfolding over the course of 70 years, Sarah’s Key, will teach you about love, loss and grief in ways unimaginable. Detailing the treatment of Jews in the concentration camps, and the pieces left scattered from their unfortunate history, Sarah’s Key will leave you in tears.

This book is a must read for anyone who believes in learning from the past. Sarah’s Key has heart and the ability to show what will happen if we don’t, as a united people, stand up for minorities and ourselves. This story serves best on a rainy day with a box of tissues and a comfy couch because once you start, it is impossible to put down.


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