The more things change, the more things stay the same. The older I get, the more this quote resonates with me. This book is a perfect example of this feeling. A friendship that explores new meaning when tested, but at the same time….remains the same. In those defining moments in our adulthood, who is the person we want by our side? And what are the goals we’re aiming for? Can they change on a daily basis?

Amy and Bev met when working for the same publisher, Amy, a little standoffish at first actually thought Bev might be a lesbian trying to approach her. Bev, saw something in Amy that just resonated with her and she felt that they were destined to be friends. The two end up spending multiple days and nights being each others number one confidant’s and even have a very defining conversation about becoming “best friends.” This is a conversation that I think most women think about when it comes to the making of a new friend.

The two girls meet in their late twenties and for a while things are great, they have a bff, each of them go through a few boyfriends in the process, and then one day something changes. Bev has now entered a part of life that Amy doesn’t comprehend or even find herself fitting into. And rather than talking it out, Amy bluntly tells Bev the mistakes she feels she’s making. Bev is at a crossroads, and so is Amy. Life altering decisions have to be made and plans to move forward loom overhead. Can their friendship handle the changes that are in store? Or will they walk away, unable to look back and smile at what was?



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