The Yada Yada Prayer Group

yada yada

Some of you may remember a month or so back when I posted about the House Of Hope series by Neta Jackson. Those 4 books are a spinoff series to a more well known Christian series called Yada Yada. I always appreciate when an author can take faith and scripture, apply it in a fictional setting, and have it not come across as cheesy or typical of Christian entertainment. So trust me here when I tell you, these books have convicted me far more than I ever thought possible in my faith. In a good way. They have inspired me to give back to my community, and to not judge someone by their appearance (like it or not, we’ve all been there). Neta Jackson has a way of making you feel good about yourself, while encouraging you to be better. And I really like that.

This book is the start of the Yada Yada series which is 7 books (so far), and it explores the life of Jodi Baxter (Jodi is also in the House of Hope Novels). Jodi is a good Christian lady, was raised in church, married in the church and takes her kids to church. Her life has been pretty peachy and sealed in a protective bubble since, well, forever. Until one day it’s not. Jodi, along with the women in her Yada Yada prayer group heave to learn to accept each others strengths and weaknesses and learn to appreciate the differences God grants us as individuals.

And just why the name Yada Yada? Here’s an excerpt to explain:

This book strongly encourages women of different races and backgrounds to form friendships, and to be willing to accept help no matter what you think you can do on your own. Down to earth, funny, and thought provoking; I highly recommend this book and anything else by Neta Jackson you can get your hands on!



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