The Summer We Read Gatsby


This book was a definite beach read! All the makings of a summer in the Hampton’s (for those of us not fortunate enough to live it ourself), complete with fashion, parties, Gatsby and scandal.

Peck and Cassie, A.K.A. Stella are two very unlikely half sisters who have just inherited a beach house from their favorite aunt. Left with a will and a Hampton’s house filled with their Aunt Lydia’s goodies, they are on a mission…. well two missions. Peck wants to keep the house, and Stella wants to sell it. They have one month to figure out how to wrap this up. In their searching they find out about their aunts mysterious affair, deal with a looter, and find a possible Jackson Polluck painting that proves to provide more harm than good.

The girls along with some fabulous friends, boyfriends and even ex-boyfriends, have one incredible summer to pay homage to the aunt they adored and the beach house where they did a majority of their growing up.

Forming a bond they would have not thought possible, Peck and Stella will keep you laughing and remembering special summers of your own through the entire read.


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