Savannah Blues


I hear that there isn’t much better than “chick lit” while at the beach. I think I am in agreement. To say I needed this vacation would be a large understatement, and a fun book to kick it off was just what this girl needed. Yet another southern book filled with crazy tales, and lots of charm, this book wasn’t easy to put down. I loved the characters and their funny names like “Weezie” and”Bebe,” and I felt it necessary to email this little snippet to my own mama because she talks just like this, adding a “the” in front of places that don’t necessarily require them:


Yes, this book was the salve that my heart needed to be able to put my worries away and, enjoy some downtime with my husband.

Eloise “Weezie” Foley, is a newly divorced lady living in the cottage house sharing the very same lawn as the house she and her husband had owned together. In that house, lives her now ex-husband and his horrible, you-know-what, fiance’ who liked to complain about every thing Weezie’s dog did while wearing the highest of fashion and never having a hair out of place. Weezie, refuses to give up the carriage house and carries on her life as usual, including her job of “picking.”

Weezie’s dream is to own her own antique shop, she goes from estate sale to garage sale each day she’s able, to find treasures. It’s this activity that gives her purpose, and the one that provides her with the most pleasure. Until one day, she pushes her “picking” a little too far, and is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Adding jail time to her daily activities wasn’t something she would have liked to do.

This story has the ability to make you laugh, cringe, and laugh some more while enjoying a tales of a divorce gone wrong, trying to break into a new social circle, and what to do when all you have left are your family and best friend by your side. Mary Kay Andrews really knocked it out of the park with this fun story, and I will absolutely be reading more of her books in the future!


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