Things Left Unspoken


Oh how I love a book with a mystery and southern flair! My mother in law, knowing I love books based in the south, gave me this book for Christmas and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

Set in Cottonwood, Georgia current day, is a house with 120 years of history. The same family has owned and operated the farm and property of the house since it was built, but this house has many secrets.
Jo-Lynn Hunter’s great aunt and uncle have resided in the house for decades, and there is a developer in the area who wants to restore the home, and Cottonwood, to its glory.
Jo-Lynn, a decorator/designer by trade, is just the girl for the job. She, along with a new friend, work night and day to restore the house and to uncover its many stories. Going back in time to the late 1930’s, we find a past well hidden within its walls.

Brace yourself for a story sure to keep you reading until you unwrap just what there is to know about the family and each member. This book is full of charm, nostalgia, crimes from the past, and little bits of love for the south sprinkled within.


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