Jack Death

414Hqo8+L3L._SX352_BO1,204,203,200_Get ready for an adventurous ride with this middle grade novel! How does one cope with a life filled with magical creatures at every turn and in every family tree? A life with secrets, fairytale creatures and a father who is otherwise known as Death?

This book wastes no time in jumping right in to the fun. When Jack’s best friend, Booger, gets eaten by a troll he makes it his mission to find out how the troll escaped the magical creature reserve in the first place. However, Jack is learning that dealing with trolls and ogres are only a small part of this catastrophe, he also has to deal with the Reaper showing up all over the place.

Jack along with an unwelcome companion, Nadine (who has a BIG secret of her own), will spy, eavesdrop, chase, and defeat death many times over through this action comedy.

An unlikely hero, Jack Death will have you cheering him on for the entire ride, and begging for more once the story ends.

This book is a great read for anyone looking for adventure, comedy and an unlikely hero, I have a feeling Jack Death will be talked about by kids for years to come.

This book is available in September, but you can preorder from amazon 🙂


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