Anthropology of an American Girl


Oh my gosh I loved this book. Reading it took twice as long as I would have liked, but it was so thought provoking and intentional that I am grateful for the amount of time I spent with it. This is a book that I would recommend but will never let anyone borrow my copy. That’s how much I love it.

“It’s too bad that certain things matter so much when you are the only one they matter to, but in the grand scheme, no one else cares, not really.” (34)

This is a theme that carries throughout the book, and is still apparent in our society now. Evie’s story spans 6 years or so, with the ups and downs of a normal young adult. Growing up in East Hampton, she lives with her mother and best friend and lives a life of independence that adolescents beg for.
Taking place in the late 70’s and early 80’s, this book is still relevant today; exploring depression, heartache, loneliness, and angst as if it were a therapist writing about a client. Deeply woven within its sadness, is a relationship that begs to survive the test of time. Half the time you’re in bliss, the other half you’re wondering where can she possibly go from here? Why isn’t she doing what I think she should do.

“Anthropology of an American Girl”, while making you remain deep in thought long after reading, provides you with a love story that is almost painful. It will take you back to your first real love and the anguish and desperation that comes with it. This book leaves its mark on you each time you put it down, and your hands will beg you to pick it back up. Strongly resembling the writing style of “The bell Jar,” this book will remain etched in your mind days after it’s end.


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