Dear Emma


“Sweet and funny and utterly charming, Dear Emma will take you right back to your own torturous, electrifying collegiate entanglements. Plus is has one of those just-right endings that will have you clutching the book to your chest when you finish.”- Caroline Zancan, author of Local Girls.

This review was spot on. The entire book had me in a mess of nerves, anxiety and a compulsion to check my phone every chapter or so. This book drove me crazy. It’s as if I became the main character. Her loss was my loss, her victory, my victory. Dear Emma is about a college junior who is an advice columnist who has a bit of angst. Or maybe a lot of angst. You be the judge.

What do you do when you’ve been dating a guy ,and things are going well, and then a month or so into it, he just drops off the grid. You see him in class, but he doesn’t sit next to you like before, he doesn’t take your calls, return your texts, or respond to your postings on his facebook. He just stops. This is exactly what Harriet goes through. And if you read the book, it’s exactly what you’ll go through. Those aching moments in your youth where you question every word said, every thought, every touch. It’s excruciating.
But with the help of her two best friends and one newcomer, Harriet starts a process of learning to take things for what they are, and realizing that everything is not about her.

A story that will take you back to the days of dating (yikes!) and reminiscent of the times when you thought you knew everything. Well written, and will have you wanting to finish the book as quick as possible, if only to get rid of the angst you felt reading it.



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