A Peach of a Pair



What a fun read! A Peach of a Pair, was a refreshing story how one young lady’s world hit what she thought to be rock bottom, and finding her way back to the top.

Taking place in Alabama and South Carolina in the 1950’s, this book had southern charm written all over it (or all through it). Full of good manners and a large feel for what Emily Post would have to say about things, this book was oozing in making choices to do the bigger thing or to stoop below ones level and handle things in an “unladylike” way.

Nettie Gilbert is nearing her graduation from college when she finds out the boy she’s engaged to has done something horrible that will change Nettie’s world forever. Refusing to go home and face the music, Nettie takes a job as a caretaker for two elderly women. While performing her duties as a caretaker, Nettie learns about mistakes, forgiveness, and most importantly how to move on. This is a story that features drama, romance, and how friendship can form in some unlikely places.

If you’re looking for a book to make you feel good and teach you a thing or two about being a bigger person, look no further.


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