Then Sings My Soul


Two posts in a month, I must be onto something good 🙂
Please don’t let the fact that this is obviously a Christian novel dissuade you from picking up a copy of “Then Sings My Soul.” I was so incredibly happy with every aspect of this book!

Ok let’s jump right in….

Taking place in two different worlds- Ukraine 1904, and South Haven, Michigan 1994-1995, this book interweaves a longing for life, the questioning of ones faith, and the unsettling feeling of the unknown. Jakob is just a child when his home in the Ukraine falls under attack- left alone and hiding in a cupboard until his brother Peter returns for him he witnesses evil. Jakob and Peter must leave everything at once and flee for safety.

90 years later, Jakob’s daughter, Nel is searching for her place of belonging, her meaning. Jakob’s late wife, Nel’s mom, has just passed and the dust is settling all around them. Catherine had never pressed Jakob about his past, but his daughter longs to know just where she came from.

Spanning decades and told in two characters, this book makes you question what you’re running from, and why. Jakob and his daughter Nel have much in common, but their talking is helped along through their passion of artwork. A great story for anyone who has ever questioned their faith and just what it is that they believe. Pretty gruesome at times, this book does not leave much to the imagination when it comes to violence; however it is a history that demands to be told and deserves for us to listen.




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