House of Hope

I come here tonight and my heart is happy happy happy about these books! I have been wanting to post about them for a while, but I figured it would be best to wait until I finished the series before writing. It took me several months due to school, work, and life in general, but I am pleased to say I finished and I loved them all!

I came across the House of Hope series in a used bookstore, the one I picked sounded interesting enough so I gave it a chance. By the second chapter, I was hooked.
Christian books are usually a hit or miss with me, but these were a definite hit. The writing is spot on, and there aren’t many cringe-worthy or cheesy moments.

Neta Jackson is a Christian author who wrote the well known “Yada-Yada” series, and these “House of Hope” books are a spinoff from them. You’ll recognize plenty of characters- Jodi Baxter, Josh and Edesa, Estelle Williams…. to name a few. And, of course a new girl, our front runner, Gabby Fairbanks.

Gabby is a regular 30 something- married, she and her husband have two boys, they go to church on holidays. Pretty normal life, right? Well it would be until her husband decides to uproot their entire family from Virginia to Chicago and starts acting uppity and being an absentee husband to his wife. With deep rooted secrets Phillip Fairbanks has never shared with Gabby, he makes their life take a 180 and flips their world upside down. Now Gabby, her mom and the dog are out on the streets.

Gabby, comes across a women’s shelter- Manna House and within this home for women she finds love, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, and God. Spanning about 6-8 months, Gabby experiences life in a way she could have never dreamed. Letting others shoulder some of her burdens and learning how to return the favor; Gabby is an incredible person.

I do not want to give anymore away than I already have, all I can say is that these books are worth reading. They give me hope on a bad day and have inspired me in a way to give back to my own community. If you’re looking for a good series to start and want something that will lift you up and show you who’s really in control, these are a must read. I cannot recommend them enough 🙂


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