The Midwife


Last month at book club, I made mention that I am a slight bit obsessed with Amish fiction. In that case, there were a few interested and so I chose this book, it was new to me as well. Sometimes Amish fiction is just a little bit unbelievable, what with the way they court one another and no one ever tries to make a move? I admit it’s a little far fetched that a society could be as perfect as I perceive them in my head. And I know it can be a little cheesy. But I suppose that’s why it’s my guilty pleasure. I love that after a long day, I can pick up a Beverly Lewis book and completely forget about all my problems and step into a world where cell phones, tv and facebook do not exist.
So I was expecting a nice book with a small conflict that ends up working perfectly in the end. Not the case. This book blew me away.

This book takes place in two worlds. Mennonite (a branch off the Amish), and the English (our world). This story has several twists, which absolutely make a good book. I love when I don’t see something coming.

Going back to 1996, is Beth Winslow, a grad student trying to get her degree and pay her bills, she gets approached by her boss to be a surrogate for he and his wife. Now this here is already risky, but it’s only the beginning.
The professor and his wife are scientific people and want an amniocentesis done on the unborn child, and in the case that the child is not “normal” they want to abort.

Jump to 2014, Rhoda is the head midwife at Hopen Haus in a Mennonite community in Tennessee. She has brought more children into this world than she can count, but she refuses to bond with any of the mothers brought to her. Rhoda has a past that she does not discuss, and that leaves her feeling so alone.

Until one day.

This book brings together two separate worlds and many forces of good and evil. Spanning 18 years and bringing together people who should never have even met, this book will tug at your heart strings and make your head spin with the twists and turns it provides. It is not to be overlooked.


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