To Kill A Mockingbird


I cannot believe that I turned 30 before reading this book. I have my friend Kate to thank for this recommendation, as it’s her favorite book. For my birthday she gave me Go Set A Watchman, and after reading the books synopsis I knew I should read To Kill a Mockingbird first. I was not disappointed.

I should premise by saying that I try and read at least one “classic” novel each year. Really I should read more of the classics, every time I choose one I am not disappointed. Yea they take a smidge longer to read, especially if they were written long ago, but it’s amazing to me, how great literature can span lifetimes.

Ok let’s get into this. For those of you who haven’t read the book, I won’t spoil this for you, so please feel free to read on 😉
Atticus Finch is the father of Jean-Louise “Scout” and Jem Finch. He has got to be hands down the most stand up father out there. He is my new favorite character. Atticus is so even keeled you wonder what it would take to set him off. He certainly disciplines his children, but it’s done with such love and admiration for their personalities you just want to high five him and tell him “you’re doing it right”. Because he doesn’t seem to know that he is. He second guesses himself plenty but continues as is. Atticus is not only a stand up father, but he’s a great lawyer and voice within his community.

Jem Finch, oldest child. Jem is the big brother everyone wants. He helps you get into plenty of “trouble” that isn’t so bad, and he looks out for you while he’s at it. He stands his ground and is much like his dad. Jem grows up a little in this book and it is a marvel to watch a boy see his father and grow into the same type of man.

Scout Finch, little sister. Scout is such a fun character. She is adored by her father and loved by her brother. Tom boy through and through. She is fearless and honest to a fault. (In the next book “Go Set a Watchman”, she is grown up and it will be interesting to see if she is still a force to be reckoned with).

There are plenty of other lovable characters that will make you read and read some more; the housekeeper Calpurnia is right up there (for me) with Abilene and Mini from The Help, she has her faith and loves the Finch children.

This book is set in the 1930’s and deeply touches on racial issues that were especially prevalent in the deep south. It explores the innocence of childhood and when that innocence can be shaken. Characters have their faith in the justice system tested, and their faith in fellow man.

I am so glad I chose to read this book, I am certain it will be a repeat read for me.

Until next time….
Currently reading: The Vacationers, Emma Straub


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