The Other Boleyn Girl


I cannot believe how long it took me to finish this book! It was an incredible read and, for the most part, based on true events, but I suppose reading it while finishing up spring semester  and when we had company, made it hard to tackle in just one week. That and the fact that it was over 600 pages. Not a light book to lug around, let me tell ya!

Apart from the daunting length and the fact that most people shy away from books during the 1500’s, it was great. The details and language interwove wonderfully with each other, and the use of the word “thus” and “his majesty’s” weren’t overwhelming.

This book is the tale of King Henry of England and his wife….. and his mistresses (yes one wasn’t enough). The book was loaded with wit, control, fear and resentment among many others feelings. When picking it up again after a day break, you certainly aren’t just reading mind numbing words, page after page. The mood is ever changing, which makes the read even more worthwhile.

Perhaps not the best beach read, but this book stole my heart and I will be looking for more books by Philipa Gregory 🙂


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