The Invention of Wings

the-invention-of-wingsI start this post and I already feel like I am not capable of posting enough praise for this book. The Invention of Wings served as a HUGE inspiration to me, especially over the past couple of weeks I was reading it. I’ve been feeling like I am in a standstill, just with school dragging on and projects/papers/tests and work and real life on top of that…. it’s a wonderful little blessing that I was reading this book at the time 🙂

But enough about me…….

This book spans over a few decades and is told from two points of view (if you haven’t been able to tell thus far, I am a sucker for books that do this, I eat it up!). One from the point of view of a house slave, Hetty, or “Handful” as her mama calls her. And the other, from the point of view of her masters daughter, Sarah.

Starting with their childhood;
Hetty has a typical life of a house slave, bare minimum of food and clothes, but unlike so many others, she is fortunate enough to still live with her mother. She doesn’t suffer so much of the beatings we tend to hear and think of when we think of slavery, but her life is far from fun. It’s certainly not free. When Hetty is a young girl she is gifted to Sarah.

Sarah, is a force to be reckoned with. She has such strength in a time where females are to know their place. From a young age you just know, Sarah is going to do courageous things. She goes against the grain on pretty much everything that is laid out for her life. She makes the reader want to rebel right along with her, even if they never had thought to disagree with what she’s going through. Sarah doesn’t take too kindly on the fact that at 11 years old (or any age) that a person was given to her.

These two girls are interwoven through their lives, and it is interesting to see the roles they take on. At times, it can seem as if nothing has changed. But the intricacies of slavery and the freedom of a woman become deeply explored in the text. Religion, courtships, voting rights and abolition are all heavy hitters in this book. I can honestly say, I hated having to put it down each night.

I love a book that inspires people, no matter whom they may be. There is something uplifting about a character who has struggles so above those of today spanning years of their lives, that they are able to do great things. While this book can certainly make you cry at times, just as many it will make you rejoice. I highly recommend this read.

Until next time….

Currently reading “Paper Towns” by John Green


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